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casa cuneo dirba

casa cuneo dirba

Those regulations do not casa cuneo dirba a Member State's rules as regards the placing on the market of products imported from third countries. Colneric RapporteurPresident of the Chamber, R. Schintgen and V.

Skouris, Judges, Advocate General: L. Geelhoed, after considering the written observations submitted on behalf of: - the Italian Government, by U.

Leanza, acting as Agent, and G. Bury and R. Legal background Community provisions 3 Article 9 2 of the EC Treaty now, after amendment, Article 23 2 EC provides: The provisions of Chapter 1, Section 1, and of Chapter 2 of this Title [relating to the elimination of customs duties and quantitative restrictions between Member States] shall apply to products originating in Member States and to products coming from third countries which are in free circulation in Member States.

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National provisions 10 Article of Presidential Decree No of 29 March ratifying the consolidation of the legislation relating to the post, postal banking services and telecommunications GURI No of 3 MayOrdinary Supplementin the version resulting from Law No of 22 May GURI No casa cuneo dirba 7 Junehereinafter the Postal Code provides: It is forbidden to build or to import into the national territory, for commercial purposes, to use or to operate, in any capacity, electrical or radio-electrical equipment or electricity transmission lines which are not in conformity with the standards laid down for the prevention and elimination of interference with the transmission and reception of radio signals.

Such standards, which shall also lay down the conformity assessment procedure, shall be enacted by way of decree of the Minister for Postal Services and Telecommunications, acting together with the Minister for Industry, Trade and Craft Industries, in accordance with the directives of the European Community.

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The placing on the market and importation for commercial purposes of the goods referred to in the first paragraph are conditional upon the issue of a certificate attesting to compliance or upon production of a declaration of compliance in accordance with rules to be established by decree as referred to in the second paragraph. The bodies and persons authorised to endorse type-approval stamps or issue compliance certificates as provided for real bitcoin games android the preceding paragraph shall be appointed by decree of the Minister for Postal Services and Telecommunications, acting together with the Minister for Industry, Commerce and Craft Industries.

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If such person is a manufacturer or importer of electrical or radio-electrical equipment, the administrative penalty shall be between ITL 50 and 1 without prejudice to casa cuneo dirba confiscation of the products and equipment which do not conform to a certificate of compliance under Article The dispute in the main proceedings 12 On 9 March the Guardia di Finanza customs officers seized 20 non-approved cordless telephones which Expo Casa Manta had in its possession for sale casa cuneo dirba to Articles and of the Postal Code.

That seizure was subsequently converted into administrative confiscation by order of the Prefetto Provincia di Cuneo.

Darbas namuose prie kompiuterio

The dispute in the main proceedings could be decided at national level by correctly establishing the facts of the case, which does not fall within the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice. Nor has the national court clearly defined its question.

casa cuneo dirba

However, the material supplied to the Court is sufficient to enable it to give a useful answer with a view to the decision in the main proceedings. Admissibility 25 The information provided by the national court gives the Court of Justice sufficient knowledge of the factual and legislative context of the main proceedings to enable it to interpret the Community rules which are relevant to the situation which forms the subject-matter of the dispute.

casa cuneo dirba

Although it has not been expressly formulated, the question of interpretation which the Court is requested to decide is apparent from the reasoning of the order for reference. None of the exceptions to the rule identified in that case-law applies to this case. In particular, it is not obvious that the interpretation of Community law sought bears no relation to the actual facts of the main action or its subject-matter.

Just as a product lawfully manufactured within the Community may not be placed on the market on that ground alone, the lawful importation of a product does not imply that it will automatically be allowed onto the market.

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In so far as there are no Community rules harmonising the conditions governing the marketing of the products concerned, the Member State into which they are put into free circulation may prevent their being placed on the market if they do not satisfy the conditions laid down for that purpose under national law. Those provisions apply to the external aspect of the common market.

Darbas namuose prie kompiuterio Darbas namuose prie kompiuterio Tokių pokyčių turėtų užtekti, kad ryžtumėtės pakeisti įgrįsusią aplinką ir atmosferą ofiso patalpose. Dauguma lavoro da casa a cuneo, kurie gauną stabilią algą prisibijo darbo namuose ir nuosavo verslo.

They allow in that regard derogations comparable to those set out in Article 36 of the EC Treaty now, after amendment, Article 30 ECwhich concerns the internal aspect of the common market. Decision on costs Costs 36 The costs incurred by the Italian Government and by the Commission, which have submitted observations to the Court, are not recoverable.

Since these proceedings are, for the parties to the main proceedings, a step in the action pending before the national court, the decision on costs is a matter for that court.

casa cuneo dirba

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